The Story So Far...             

Despite being a creative person all my life, I haven't always known what I wanted to do. Possessed with a passion for music and business, my first career path lead me to the retail music industry.

But after several years developing my sales and business know-how, my creative side was screaming for more. So on a whim, I began tinkering with this little program called Photoshop and before I knew it, I was hooked. 

I learnt how to use Adobe's creative software and studied design principles from layout and colour theory, to UX/UI and digital design. I learnt how to create and manage websites along with various forms of digital marketing. I designed brochures, advertising merch, logos for freinds, then clients... all the while honing and refining my creative process.  

Now, I'm a full-time freelancer specialising in web/UI design and UX and am proud to have a fantastic pool of devoted clients that I truly love to work with. I also consult for a few Australian design and marketing agencies where I get to collaborate with a diverse and exciting range of small and large businesses.    

I like to make complexity appear simple and experiences feel human.
I believe that every element of a design needs to be there for a reason, not just to look pretty or fill space. There's nothing more exciting than great visual design, but if it doesn't have a clear message, it’s a wasted opportunity.


Web & UI Design

Logo’s & Branding
Graphic Design
Brand Strategy
Digital Marketing

Random Facts About Me
I used to be a music teacher and have played guitar for over 20 years. 
When I'm not designing I like to hit the gym and keep fit.
I research everything! This is both a gift and a curse.
As my Instagram feed proves, I absolutely love night street photography.
My dogs name is RJ, which may or may not stand for Ross Jnr.
I make a mean chilli con carne.


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