Artisan Organics

Web Design

Artisan Organics is a boutique perfumery from the beautiful Margaret River region in the South West. Taking on the role of designing their website and online store, the project's brief was to create a unique and artistic design to reflect their high quality organic products. Using their existing logo and product branding as a reference, I chose to create a web design that was earthy and rustic but still remained delicate and soft. With subtle background textures and a contrasting dark wood, the aesthetics are not only artistic and on brief, but help position the brand and allow customers to instantly connect with the organic and handmade values of the company. 

ipad landscape mockup for site - Artisan2ipad landscape mockup for site - Artisan2

The homepage design for Artisan Organics had to quickly project the values and raw artistic edge of the business. It was decided early that attention to detail was going to be crucial in creating not only a sense of artistic charm and visual impact for users, but to also communicate to customers that the brands products are high quality, trustworthy and Australian made. 

In order to achieve this I started with a textured background that peaks as a soft subtle cloud overlay up around the header. A delicate and earthy colour palette was chosen and very subtle UI elements were created to tie in with the overall theme. 

To balance the soft textured look, dark and bold wood tones were chosen to break up and highlight both the slider/feature section within the header and to round off the page at the footer.

Below the fold I created a 4 column tile layout for quick navigation through to the main products and section of the site. This is followed by a featured products carousel to peak customer interest within the homepage and I also included the companies latest news articles from their blog. 



Artisan phone and ipadArtisan phone and ipad