Books On Cloud

Web Design

Books On Cloud is an online accounting software and financial services provider for everyone from startups and professionals, to franchises and small businesses. Responsible for designing their web presence, this project's main goal was to communicate how the product could benefit perspective customers. Informational hierarchy was integral to communicate this and the design was scaled from the header to the footer with that in mind. Being a financial service provider, it was also crucial to quickly communicate and establish user trust. 

ipad landscape mockup for site - BOC2ipad landscape mockup for site - BOC2

The homepage design for Books On Cloud needed to quickly communicate trust to perspective clients as well display the main features and benefits of the product.

Starting with the hero/header, I chose to use the iPad and iPhone as a visual tool to quickly display the products software and how a client would see it in action on their own device. The colourful blurred background image of a bustling office space helps to create visual impact and mood while still allowing both the hero text, CTA and software to remain the key focal point. 

To further engage the user I placed a second more in depth text paragraph below the fold explaining the companies service further, followed by another CTA. The page then breaks into 3 column tiles where the products features and benefits are explained. 

The last half of the homepage is solely devoted to building trust and credibility to perspective clients. This was done in 2 ways, with testimonials and partnered brands. Starting off with what we called "client stories" this testimonial section provides valuable insight from existing clients already happy with using the service while the partnered section displays logos from other trusted brands affiliated with the company to give a sense of credibility and most importantly, user trust. 


BOC phone and ipadBOC phone and ipad