Guarded Fight Gear

Branding/Logo Design

Guarded Fight Gear is an up and coming Australian fight gear brand looking to put a new spin on the fight industry. Responsible for designing their branding, the brief was simple: make it look tough, bold and able to hold its ground. This is reflective in its bright contrasting black and yellow along with a strongly designed upright serif type. The brand also wanted a design that reflected the old style of boxing and so this design was created based around those iconic arcs and shapes you may have seen in the heyday of boxing.    

guarded BG1guarded BG1

The challenge for this design was to have the logo appear dynamic and bold but remain solid and strong as to adhere to the brief of "holding your ground". Initial concept designs ended up looking too fast and edgy and so after several iterations, the final design was made to not only stand strong, but have a subtle blend of modern and classic.

Serif type was chosen to represent this classic styling, however typically this type is short and curved and while it was bang on for the classic look, it didn't fit the strong modern appearance the brand wanted. So to remedy this, I designed a large upright type reminiscent of a more sans-serif shaping but kept the classic decorative serif embellishments. In doing this it also meant that creating the right balance for the arcs wasn't going to be straight forward. To solve this, I designed the top and bottom of the type to bend and curve with the arcs so everything flowed smoothly without any interruptions.

The brief also outlined that the brand would like to have separate elements that could be displayed in different places on merchandise, like glove wrist straps and T-shirts. This meant that the main design had to incorporate all elements but each individual part would have to be recognisable when on its own. The "G" was created for this reason and as the brand and philosophy is about holding your ground in a defensive manner, I designed the "G" around a shield shape to subtly communicate this message.

Colour wise, black/yellow/white gave the most impact while remaining firm and classic with 2 options for printing depending on background.    

Client Testimonial

"Was a pleasure working with Ross, we really worked in well with each other, he admires input from the client, which was something we were looking for as we had some ideas of our own in regards to our logo.

There was no rush with the final concept, so we were able to take our time and bounce ideas off each other throughout the journey, in the end very happy with the final result.

Highly recommend Ross to anyone who needs advise or works regarding brand building or concept designs."

Nathan McDonald