Leeming Spartan Cricket Club

Branding/Logo Design

The Leeming Spartan Cricket Club celebrate 100 years in 2018 and with such a milestone ahead, the club approached me to create their centenery logo. The brief was to unite their existing logo and branding with their original hand painted spartan design from the 1930's. A design that would be mature and modern, with a connection to the old and the classic.  

spartan BGspartan BG

Seeing as the club wanted me to not only re-create their original hand painted spartan logo from photos but also merge that with their existing branding, I knew this project was going to be a challenge. 

The first step was to create a balanced composition for where all the elements in the logo would be placed. I decided early on I wanted everything to sit on a crest/emblem to give it a historic and classic feeling and after several sketches I was happy with the layout I'd come up with. Next came digitally re-creating the old spartan painting. I wanted the new spartan to be bolder and stronger looking than the original so to do this I worked hard on removing any unnecessary details seen on the inside of the body in order to make the figure appear more as one solid shape. I also spent a lot of time fine tuning and sharpening up the edges on the shield, helmet and made sure that the details in the face looked spot on. After many hours tweaking anchor points and paths the spartan was complete.

I then got to work bringing the shield and banner to life to accommodate the celebratory "100 years" text. I chose a nice script type and changed a few of the texts curves and details so that I could position it perfectly within the banner and used some text warping so it gave the banner some interest. To make sure that the club's new logo tied in with their existing branding, I re-used the main arcing text as well as their red, blue and white colour pallette and once I was happy with the layout of all elements, I began testing colour combinations to see which one had the most impact. 

My final choice ended up seeing the spartan coloured red as I wanted it to be the focal point. This, sitting on the blue background with white wrapping around the shield and inside the banner for contrast gave the whole logo the pop I had envisioned.   

Client Testimonial

“With the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club celebrating such an historic milestone in our one hundredth anniversary, we sought a new logo to properly express the extensive history of the Club, and we can certainly say that Ross has achieved that to an unparalleled standard.

Simply put, we were blown away at the quality of the final product, and with how easy and accompanying Ross was during the design process, listening and accurately reflecting our every need throughout.”

Daniel Coombs