Sixteen Ounces

Web Design

Located on the popular East Vic Park café strip, Sixteen Ounces is one of the coolest little coffee places around. Designing their web presence from the ground up, the focus for this project was to communicate their unique brand identity along with implementing a simple and intuitive UX to maximise user discovery. The design itself has a super clean layout with a minimal colour palette which was chosen to ensure the cafés content remained the key focal point.   

ipad landscape mockup for site - sixteen ounces2ipad landscape mockup for site - sixteen ounces2

The mobile navigation design was created with one thing in mind: easy and fast information access on the go.

When you're meeting friends out, the last thing you want to do is get lost in an information maze and have to work way too hard for info that should be readily accessible. To solve this problem, I designed a very simple, clean and visually bold menu overlay that allows customers to quickly view and navigate to find what info they need, without a heap of scrolling.

Text & UI elements were also a huge factor in achieving the above. Careful attention to spacing, layout and size was given to ensure touch screen usability felt both intuitive and practical.