The Imp

Web Design

The Imp is a one of a kind café that's as tasty as it is popular. Open for breakfast and lunch every day, then serving sweet treats in the evening, the Imp truly marches to the beat of its own drum. It was important that the web design reflected this, so after many sketches, I decided on a highly visual left sidebar navigation layout. By doing this, it draws the eye to the main content adjacent as the user quickly scans the page from left to right creating an intuitive and easy to follow hierarchy. Flow was crucial when considering this design, that's why all UI elements were purposely designed to blend into the page while still remaining accessible at all times as a sticky nav when scrolling.

ipad landscape mockup for site - imp2ipad landscape mockup for site - imp2

I've always found it annoying when you go online to check the menu of a perspective eatery and they force you to download a PDF, which you then most likely have to pinch zoom on mobile to read properly anyway.

With the Imp's menu page, the goal was to make information clear and concise and without the need to scroll endlessly down the page. However, having such an extensive menu, this wasn't an easy task.

After several layout concepts, I decided to divide the two main menu sections (breakfast & lunch) so they could be viewed side by side with the drinks section cosily fitting in underneath. With this layout users can easily and quickly scan left to right to find out what perspective treats are going to be entering their mouth later that day.   

imp ipad and 2 phonesimp ipad and 2 phones

Overall, the layout and flow of the Imp's website design works really well on a UX level while remaining not only unique to the brands identity, but also very visually easy on the eye.

The left side sticky nav played a really big part in grounding the user regardless of what internal page they are viewing. It's easily the foundation of why this site design works as it gives the user an instant path to the information they need, no matter where they end up on site.